Red Chris Mine – Crushing and Washing

Red Chris Mine- Nass Value

2016, 2018, 2019
Industry Mining
Services Utilized: Aggregate crushing, screening & washing
Production: Crushing and Washing materials for Tailings Dam
Client: Imperial Metals, Ledcor and Tahltan
Kode provided a crusher and washplant for the production of various aggregates required for the Tailing Dam lifts at Red Chris as well as produced materials for mine operations.
Kode brought in specialized wash screws to ensure project schedule was met and specification was achieved for tailings materials
Work successfully with Tahltan FN for a season of the project as a subcontractor
Achieved tight timelines to meet dam lift schedule
Difficult specifications for the tailings dam which required washing
Specs made with a blend design of blast rock and imported sands
Remote site with access restrictions and seasonal operation