Pit Reclamation

Pit Reclemation

Restoration of gravel pits and mining areas

There are many reasons to reclaim a gravel pit. Issues arise with un-reclaimed gravel pits such as land erosion and interruption of neighbouring water sources, threats to public safety such as steep vertical pits and slopes, and unauthorized activities in the areas such as illegal dumping or off-road vehicle traffic. 

  • A reclaimed gravel pit can be used for agricultural and forestry uses, parks and recreational areas, building sites, as well as fish and wildlife habitat.
  • Kode Contracting Ltd follows the Ministry of Energy and Mines standards for the reclamation of gravel pits and mining areas.

pit reclamation Services

  • Sloping
  • Grading and contouring
  • Grubbing
  • Pit planning
  • Stockpiling and backfilling
  • Drainage and erosion control

Pit reclamation projects

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