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About Kode Contracting ltd

Kode Contracting is a third generation contracting company founded in Prince George, B.C. Kode is a leader in the fields of crushing and aggregates for a variety of industries and sectors.

We have a reputation for achieving outstanding results on difficult and complex projects which has led to expanded opportunities throughout the territories and Western Canada.

Outstanding team

We could not have achieved such outstanding results without our diverse team of employees that have made outstanding contributions to the day-to-day operations.

Their drive to ensure projects are being completed safely and on time is the backbone of growth and the development of new opportunities. As a team, we are focused on developing an exceptional culture, work environment, team pride and loyalty.

Our Mission

For our Clients

For our Clients

Through exceptional service, products and processes so we are both the preferred and referred partner for projects.

For our Employees

For our Employees

Through exceptional culture, work environment and opportunities so we are a workplace that creates team pride and loyalty.

For our stakeholders

For our Stakeholders

Through exceptional business practices, profits and impacts so we are a company people believe in for long-term results and returns.

Crushing It Since 1965​

Our company’s reputation of ensuring outstanding results for every project has been built on a long standing history of consistent project completion. We are guided by a dedicated commitment to client satisfaction. From the outset of a project, we collaborate to find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

A Culture of Safety

We are committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment which is evident through our ability to maintain a safe job site. Kode Contracting has taken major strides in constantly updating and enhancing our safety program to exceed industry safety standards.

Valued Partnerships

Kode Contracting is committed to the involvement and collaborative participation of First Nation groups on our projects. These partnerships not only benefit our company but also provide long-term benefits to First Nation communities.

Our Values


For our employees by providing them with training, equipment and support. To continually make strides forward to improve the safety culture of the company so that, at the end of the day, everyone arrives home safe.

To be ethical and honest in all our relationships

with our vendors and clients. To always strive to create scenarios where both parties benefit from the relationship and keep open lines of communication.

To continually seek new opportunities

That are not only profitable but that are interesting and engaging. To not let ourselves be limited by location and logistics and to accept any challenges in our field of work.

To provide a diverse and dynamic work environment

Where no two days are the same, and to provide our employees with opportunities in other areas which they find interesting to achieve maximum job satisfaction.

To provide our clients with innovative solutions

Using our skilled labor force and three generations of experience. To always come up with a solution that puts our clients’ needs first.